We've got a mutli, plus more (in General)

dup February 19 2013 11:55 PM EST

First off..sent this to an admin (not to be named) 10 days ago..he said he would look into it. Well nothing has been done, so its time for the community to bring out the pitchforks and torches. Here goes

The owner Silent, character El Cid, now lets just ignore all of his massive referals the past few days ( remember i sent this to an admin 10 days ago..before this referal nonsense) and look at the transfer log.

Escuro gave him massive amounts of items for free,on a very odd IP address. Now look at escuro's transfer logs, the very bottom shares the same IP as Silent.

You will also see a post by escuro complaining about not having a "start over" button for a NuB.

You could also look at the referals, alot of them are at 1 score...who signs up for a game and doesnt even play it?

You guys can be the judge, i think i've waited long enough, not to mention this whole referal business.

Silent February 20 2013 12:08 AM EST

lol look at the spike in Referrals, then look at my post here:


Is it against the rules to refer people to this game?

The people logging in, just dont like the game, what can I say about that.

As for the transfers, I have a buddy at work who mentioned this game. I said I'd try it out. I did, he sent the items.

Bounty Hunter February 20 2013 12:25 AM EST

Multi FAQ

What is it to be a ' multi?'

A multi is anyone who creates more than one account on carnageblender. This is forbidden.

What happens if I am a multi?

In most cases, your first account will be reset, others will be banned. If the case is bad enough you will be permanently banned from CB. If you create one by mistake please contact an admin as soon as possible, let them know about the issue and they will clear it up while handing out a lighter punishment.

May I share my CB account with my friend?

No, if your friend wants to play he has to make his own account.
May I create two (or more) accounts in CB?

No, create a new character if you want to start over.
I use the same IP as my roommate, will people suspect me of being a multi?

If you two act like a multi, you'll risk getting suspected of being a multi. If you don't, then there's nothing to worry. One of the quickest ways of getting suspected as a multi is to share items and cash. So try to avoid that.
One sided transfers, of any kind, are forbidden between accounts that share the same IP. While transfers of equal 'worth' are allowed, it's nearly impossible to prove payments made outside CB (for example USD payments), which just lead to the suspicion of being a multi. It's best to avoid any transfers if at all possible.

How can I sell my weapon to my roommate?

Use the auction system with 1CB$ starting bid, no 'buy now' option and an auction duration over 24 hours.

How do you prove that someone is a multi?

We won't tell, just don't do it!

Bounty Hunter February 20 2013 12:27 AM EST

I would say the "one sided account transfers from the same IP address" is the issue.

IPoop February 20 2013 8:26 AM EST

I got to say you ought to get rid of all the stuff either way. It's pretty damn dubias as it stands with that one ip match (or that's how it appears to everyone) but quite simply the gear thing is definitely not allowed and there's no question about that.

Silent February 20 2013 9:52 AM EST


I'll also take down my refer a friend link on MMORPPG.com

IPoop February 20 2013 10:47 AM EST

Well now everyone knows where the referals have come from I don't think anyone will mind especially if your link on that site is bringing enough people to get you noticed for it. Well that would be my thoughts anyway
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