Gettin through high GA/AMF in 700k range battles (in General)

alaskanpsyko April 8 2013 10:32 AM EDT

Currently I am stuck in the sub 700k range here on CB. about 90% of my battles I do fine until I hit enemies with higher GA, AMF,Dex, or health than my team. I have tried a few other strategies to mitigate these challenges with no luck. I know my gear isn't the best out there but not much can be bought when you are stuck in the same area for a long time.

miteke [Superheros] April 8 2013 11:57 AM EDT

You are always going to have character types that beat you. Don't sweat it. It is far more important that you have character types you can beat that are above you PR as much as possible. How are you doing on that score? What character types does your character target?

QBPixel Sage April 8 2013 2:01 PM EDT

I agree with Miteke. As far as my strategy goes, it goes great against certain characters, horrible against others. I just narrow down the ones I can beat, and focus on them. CB was designed so that focusing on any one particular strategy makes you vulnerable to another. (This is a generalization, of course, but holds true for most people).
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