Strat help (in General)

ThatOneMan April 29 2013 7:30 PM EDT

Just a few questions before i totally screw up my NCB lol

Right now it is a single ToA Tank and just hit the 100k PR

I am thinking of going to a 3/4 minion team because for some reason i like to have 4 minions but before i do that i want to check and make sure my plan is decent or can at least work before i spend the money lol

I plan on having a set-up something as follows
A- Max etheral chains or etheral chains and vampuric aura
B-Archer. Have major strength and archery effect 1.0. has a elb bow. might add little into dex if eheral chains doesnt cover the gap
C-ToA tank with AoI and DBs. He has a elb and morgal hammer w/shield of capacity
D- Max Abalative Shield.

A and D are obvisoly just there as meat shields, hope B will have enough shield to get through range rounds doing all its major damage. Then the ToA tank will be left to finish it off.

does this strat stand a chance? to recurit minions is almost 1mil so I dont want to do it unless this is a ok/decent strat to try.

i know its all trial and error but 1mil is a lot and im a noob haha

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 29 2013 7:45 PM EDT

I would say it is a bad strat. If you are curious on how it does then test it out in the tourney. It has high bonus so it would give you a general idea on how it does quickly.

Unappreciated Misnomer April 29 2013 9:55 PM EDT

i have to say that yes hiring is expensive but concentrated experience is better. i spent alot when running current character, im not good at ncb but i always landed at 2.2mil for some reason by the end. if you are really worried about cost use an RoE, try to make each minion somewhat viable on their own but contribute to the group. keeping everything simple through the process. let me explain or make it worse. my current character has to start with a 20 hp base decay with an all exp into amf(one of the last to be hired) the 2nd has max hp with robf and large dbs(3rd minion purchased), my tank wall(first minion purchase does damage & takes as little as possible trying to be the front damage receiver using amulet of invisibility on my first 2 minions and my last minion as a PL tank(second minion bought). i love this set up because the first two minions i bought have roughly 50% more exp than the other two. at first this set up was to be immune to dispel magic, because everyone i fought while growing obviously has a larger trained dispel magic and would ruin me thus i trained HP and not ablative shield. with that having a 20hp base decay trianing anti magiv field, the returned anti magic field despite my damage was nothing, guardian angel was the killer and i was ok with that. so that left 3 other minions to push, poke and stab at my enemies until one of us wins.
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