I am having trouble with... (in General)

Bounty Hunter April 30 2013 1:03 PM EDT

Circle buttons next to the insight ritual when trying to select it on my iPhone 4. Basically when I tap the button it "highlights or flashes" but it fails to change so I can then activate my selection. Not sure if other clan owners have this problem if some of you would please test and post results here I would appreciate the help.

QBPixel Sage April 30 2013 1:21 PM EDT

Screen shot would be nice. Think you can provide one?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 30 2013 1:40 PM EDT

I have the same problem. It takes a few clicks and some patience to click those circles via phone.

Bounty Hunter May 1 2013 1:33 AM EDT

Patience is an understatement I spent 9 minutes mashing before I got up and grabbed the laptop. But yeah I hear you EoD ... lol.

AdminNightStrike May 2 2013 12:19 PM EDT

Can you zoom in before you click?

Bounty Hunter May 2 2013 12:23 PM EDT

I've tried that, tapping at different speeds etc... No success.
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