King of the Nerds (in Off-topic)

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] May 18 2013 2:48 PM EDT

I'm trying to be on this show it would be nice if you guys voted for me...

here is my link...

Yep that is me...

thanks for the support

Demigod May 18 2013 4:07 PM EDT

Voted. However, woodworking is far from nerdy.

On another note, it pained me to see the coin-pusher wasn't painted or even stained (1:02). For a guy who enjoys comic book art, you could have a field day making that look lively. Bright colors and a string of flashing LEDs hidden under a lip -- make it happen!

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] May 18 2013 5:43 PM EDT

It'll happen time got in the way... And not knowin exactly what I wanted to do with it also...

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] May 18 2013 5:44 PM EDT

Also wasn't trying to imply woodworking was nerdy just the choice of projects

I was Dignifried Bean May 20 2013 1:57 AM EDT

I voted for the pope. Does that make me a cardinal?

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] May 23 2013 10:13 PM EDT

Yes, yes it does... maybe...
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