cb related ideas (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer May 26 2013 8:36 PM EDT

Just a point for mobile settings: in the settings menu to have the 'fight' & 'delete' switched. My fight button is difficult at times to read with a fat thumb on the edge of a screen.

Second point: to introduce a lettering system for characters inventory (a) in front of an item indicates current on auction, (r) denotes it's rented by you & locked in the rental system, (l) is for loaned items to the player . I acknowledge this last one you can already see this from the settings page but I'm suggestion this on the equip page

Viole May 26 2013 9:13 PM EDT

What happened to the mobile page prototype?

Bounty Hunter May 26 2013 9:42 PM EDT

Change the "circle button" for the ritual casting its next to impossible to get it to work with my IPhone. Thank you in advance!


AdminNightStrike May 27 2013 6:39 PM EDT

I didn't turn off the mobile fight page.. it should still be there.

Viole May 27 2013 7:04 PM EDT

Oh.. in the case, is the testing phase over so that us computer illiterate people can have a proper explanation of how to access it?

Unappreciated Misnomer May 27 2013 8:07 PM EDT

I find cb works very well on my mobile already. It's the button arrangement.
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