In other news.. (in Off-topic)

Viole June 2 2013 1:41 PM EDT

I'll start my "first" job in a couple weeks working at a day-care. Don't worry gentleman, expect an influx of players in 10-15 years.

Sickone June 2 2013 2:34 PM EDT

What, so late ? My friend's 5 year old and my sister's 6 year old kid play EVE-Online and Settlers online respectively, and those are decidedly more complex to handle :P

Either way, congrats on the job, and my condolences for your upcoming frayed nerves :D

Dudster4 June 2 2013 5:28 PM EDT

Actually playing EVE online and just going through some motions for mining etc are 2 different things :)

Viole June 2 2013 5:34 PM EDT

... I thought five year olds just took naps and eat random objects.

Viole June 2 2013 5:38 PM EDT


I'll be treating them all like kittens. ;3

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] June 2 2013 6:26 PM EDT

Those are three year olds.

Viole June 2 2013 6:32 PM EDT

TIL that I was a slow paste-eating child.
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