Lithium/Risperdol, Is this actually good for me? (in Off-topic)

Untouchable June 5 2013 3:42 AM EDT

>>>>Sorry if this may be too long to read, but if so skim through at least. There is a SUMMARY at end if so.<<<<<

Ive been on these medications for some time now to treat my bipolar disorde and I've barely started looking things up and the internet in hopes of true validity and stuff, but I'd like to know if any CB'ers have any insight on these medications and what they really do.

So basically I started having these feelings of anxiety, with people, with God (I know we'll be mature about beliefs and views on life) and this is all I can remember but the thing is, I wonder if I could have actually overcome these things without the medication. I was then put on 2 differnt medications at the time and started to seemingly work. Then there were times where I've become violent and seemingly threatening, but I cant remember if this was before or after I started taking the first medications. So this was when I was put on lithium and eventually Risperdal (what I'm taking now). Strangely enough, even after taking these drugs I experienced another case of hypertension (idk if this is the right word) and just felt such an anger I've never felt before. Which makes me wonder if this was the affect of the drug or if I simply got worse and the meds weren't enough. (Once again, I wonder if I could have controlled this on my own, or if I LET myself get so angry) So then the lithium dosage increased and once again things weren't so bad.

But it's just that I want to live my life without being dependent on medications, that simply is not satisfying for me, to only get through life with a crutch but never standing on my own two feet.

---->I do believe medications can help depending on how you look at it, I believe it affects people differently

I can honestly say things are fine (enough) and I can go through the rest of my life with these drugs, But sometimes I feel like I can be so much more, and that the drugs may in fact "hold me back" But this is why I want your opinion, please help me find out the truth about these drugs, and by truths I mean the full positives and negatives to them. Haha I don't mean you have to research it for me, but just what you know of it now.

If you'd like to share experiences with these meds or any medications that you've been subscribed by a doctor, please feel free to write it here, if not, that's completely fine.

I shared here because through my experience being a CB'er most CB'ers tended to be very mature and thoughtful about things, which is why I love CB, and could never post this on something like League Of Legends Forums (haha, but dang seriously people can just be so, eh idk, whatever)

1)Is bi-polar just in my head and I can over come it if I really tried?

2) Can I live life without medications and still be happy if I really tried?

I say really tried twice because, well, I've never actually really tried to overcome these things on my own. But in your opinion, is this possible?
but anyway,

Thank you for reading and your honest opinion.

DarkCloud June 5 2013 7:16 AM EDT

mental illnesses are NOT just in your head, but your mind is always growing and expanding so it can be overcome. it may be possible to live with out medication, exercise and diet can have a huge impact on your mental state. so can your relationships. Age is also an important factor, not all parts of the brain are even fully developed until age 25.

So access your situation and make decisions based on your life factors(stress, relationship, stability, money).

I am only on herbal supplements(5-htp, and a multivitamin) and manage to maintain a fairly level head.
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