Question~ (in General)

The Half-Dragon June 13 2013 1:23 PM EDT

Um. If you're on 'punishment' for failing a bot check, do you not receive BA during the elapsed time? >.>

Viole June 13 2013 1:38 PM EDT

During the suspension your Battle Allocation (BA) will not replenish itself. (You can however buy additional BA, but can't use it.)

The Half-Dragon June 13 2013 1:41 PM EDT

Ah, figures. I hate bot checks. u_u
Got like.. 15 back to back and the 15th time it was two ridiculous pictures.

DarkCloud June 13 2013 3:03 PM EDT

maybe you are a robot!

Maybe we are all robots!

Untouchable June 16 2013 2:45 PM EDT

^ haha x]
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