i am confused (in General)

Rydstrom September 19 2013 1:57 PM EDT

now that i've reached 1 million MPR where do i take my strategy from here? and why is adding another minion so darn expensive. any thoughts would be welcome i'm open to suggestions

Unappreciated Misnomer September 19 2013 2:37 PM EDT

Just keep going! If you find your are having trouble as a single minion, the easiest and best changes that you can make is re inking your tattoos and not retrain. Adding minions is like shifting gears, it has pros and cons. Like having more meat shields but the same experience points gets spread across your minions.

When I ran db, I spent ALOT(cant emphasize that enough) of cbd, more than 70million but less than 100million to hire 3 minions at the end of the NCB. I had a plan from how my team would look in each 3 stages. Ive pretty well stayed that way since and love my strat( I bet my benefactors do too ;)...)
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