Any Muse Fans Still Around? (in Off-topic)

Newlin [SeeD] October 13 2013 1:18 AM EDT

I had the opportunity to see them perform live in March in the Detroit area and they are astoundingly good even outside a studio. Their live performance carries so much more power and weight; the only thing I feel is lost are some of the finer points of Matt's vocals.

Fellow CBers posting their favorite Muse songs is what originally introduced me to them and I recently stumbled upon another band that I wanted to share with the community who take quite a few cues from Muse.

And a few songs...

They have a very similar sound, if I am not mistaken that is their goal, which makes them a fairly enjoyable listen.

(unrelated: the forums don't turn https links into clickable links automatically like it does with a standard http)

Blaghosphere October 13 2013 3:39 AM EDT

I saw them when they came to Boston, around the same time. Agreed, very good live performance, especially for such a studio-sounding band.

Hi im Jake October 13 2013 5:06 AM EDT

I Love the Song Plug in Baby

Hi im Jake October 13 2013 5:07 AM EDT

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