Blaghosphere/Rydstrom (in Public Record)

Blaghosphere October 22 2013 1:44 PM EDT

Paying 1M up down, and 500k a week for three weeks to rydstrom, for an AoI. Down payment sent.

Blaghosphere (leechan) Rydstrom (Asheron) $1000000 1:42 PM EDT

Rydstrom October 22 2013 2:35 PM EDT

Rydstrom (Asheron) Blaghosphere (leechan) An Amulet of Invisibility ($1495095) 2:05 PM EDT

confirmed and sent

Blaghosphere October 25 2013 2:28 AM EDT

First weekly payment:
Blaghosphere (leechan) Rydstrom (Asheron) $500000 2:27 AM EDT

Blaghosphere November 1 2013 3:27 AM EDT

Blaghosphere (leechan) Rydstrom (Asheron) $500000 -- 2nd paymnet 3:26 AM EDT

One more payment remains

Blaghosphere November 1 2013 3:30 AM EDT

Blaghosphere (leechan) Rydstrom (Asheron) $500000 -- Fuckit, paying early 3:29 AM EDT

Paying it off a week early... because I can and I hate debt.
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