Xbox, PS or Wii (in General)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 28 2013 3:25 PM EST

Giving a gift to someone close to me with 3 kids. I am wondering which of the new systems is best. Keep in mind, the interest of kids is the key component. However other variables are of import.If you'd take your time to explain why it would be much appreciated. $ is not a huge issue but always needs consideration.

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Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 28 2013 3:26 PM EST

I might as well add this. A couple of friends (bachelors) are also interested in buying a system. What should I suggest to them?

KevlarCrusader November 28 2013 8:30 PM EST

The Wii is definitely the most kid/family friendly. Without knowing more about the kids (ages, interest, etc) I would suggest it for your friend with the kids.

As far as your bachelor friends I would suggest the Playstation but then I have always been an avid PS supporter. I do know quite a few people that swear by Xbox, so I would say it is really a personal call between the two of them, but the two of them are definitely better for adults due to more advanced and adult oriented games as well as the extras they provide from their respective communities.

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Blaghosphere November 29 2013 2:16 AM EST

Historically, first iterations of new gen Xboxes are crap, whereas the PS delivers its most robust product at launch. Not sure if that's the case this time, it has merely been the case in the last two gens. From what I've seen of the console wars, PS4 seems like a system I would want more than the Xbox for a few reasons. 1) no subscription fee for the PS Network. 2) Can be used without an internet hookup (xbox verifies every 24 hours, last I knew, and locks up if it isn't connected to the internet). 3) It's easier to share and rent games on the PS4. 4) The PS4 is $100 cheaper and there is no appreciable difference in technical capabilities. 5) I'm a fan os SquareEnix, and SquareEnix is a fan of PS/Sony. 6) Microsoft's Xbox wing is kind of a soulless monster (like the rest of Microsoft, but buggier and with more trolls under the bridges).

The Xbox One has also been noted as being perpetually on listening in. Not only does this violate privacy, but it's an extra little drain on the electric bill. To my knowledge, this cannot be turned off.

That said, there's not really a "clear winner", in large part because Microsoft and bullied and bribed its way into quite a few exclusive game deals (titles that won't be available for the PS4). I likely won't buy either for a couple of years, if I do at all. As with all things, the prices will drop and the systems will improve (software and hardware will likely be updated many many times after the initial release, before the next generation).
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