New player here (in New players)

Cabalism [BOO] February 11 2014 10:14 PM EST

And I can't train, because I get this error:
Server Error
The requested URL cannot be accessed due to a system error on this server.

AOLserver/4.5.1 on

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 11 2014 10:29 PM EST


Jkjk, my training seems to work. Have you tried a different browser? I am currently on FF.

Cabalism [BOO] February 11 2014 10:40 PM EST

It happens on every browser on the 4 browsers that I have....

Newlin [SeeD] February 11 2014 10:58 PM EST

Works over here on Chrome. You scared the hell out of me there for a moment!

Cabalism [BOO] February 11 2014 11:08 PM EST

Has this ever happened to any one else here? I'd like to get going on this game, but, as things stand, I cannot.

Achertontus [Sneezels] February 12 2014 2:49 AM EST

Welcome!! That really sucks, have you tried emptying your cache and stuff like that?
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