Is Rentals really empty? (in General)

Easterdoodle February 12 2014 8:57 PM EST

Or do I just not know how to use it right...? I'm trying to complete the last accomplishment on the list, but I can't rent anything. :(

Newlin [SeeD] February 12 2014 9:39 PM EST

It has been empty as of late but I added an item so you can complete that.

If you're looking for specific items in the future most of us have quite a few on hand, just post in the FS/WTB forum.

Easterdoodle February 12 2014 9:47 PM EST

Atomicboy let me rent 3 nice items and now the list is complete! Thanks anyway Newlin!

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 13 2014 6:34 AM EST

Actually, public record is probably a better place to put items you want to try out.
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