50K for free BitCoins - Poetry Contest (in Contests)

Mythology March 5 2014 1:01 PM EST

New content, running myself not with old prize funds. Right so I found a site last week that gives away free BitCoins and LiteCoins etc once you sign up and I was assured all they needed ever was to validate an email address.

So I shared it with my clans mates and we chatted about wethever it was legit, as it seemed to in no way generate revenue yet to pay for giving away the coins, however yesterday they introduced credits, simply put users send sms (costing a bit) to "unlock" new streams of currency, earthCoins and worldCoins, so now it seems legit and actually a very good idea.

So I thought as there's a refferal type thing in how you can increase the tiny amount of coins you get per day I'd run a contest type thing so that even if all currencies never really increased in value people would win 50K.

(the site basically gives members small amount of coins that then say if the currency went up in value by 500% in 6 months that tiny amount will be a few dollars for free at least)

So the Rules

To win 50K :

You must have posted on this thread containing the following Five elements :

1) Your Char name to recieve the coins

2) A short poem about said character

3) To ocnfirm you have signed up to the site using either mine or someone else's refferal link (if you liked their poem a lot)

4) Who's refferal link you used

5) Your own refferal link for others to then use.

This in no way is like some dodgy pyramid scheme, they literally work like a game where they give away free stuff to all users which is a fraction of what the other users spend on the site, good luck! Hope this is in good spirits I didnt want to be in anyway conning anyone so even if the site got shutdown for some unknown reason they'd still have profitted through CB$ and I really believe in the site and the concept.

Mythology March 5 2014 1:04 PM EST

My link is : http://www.qoinpro.com/a8c566ad517a040492ed21a9f1079158

My Poem is


I made you ten years ago
Now I like at you
So many breasts shine
An embarassing reminder
Of a male in prime

Ugh, as you can tell not too great at poetry however to get the ball rolling :)

Mythology March 5 2014 1:05 PM EST

thats meant to be "look" at you not "like at you", perhaps a feurdian (sp?)slip :)
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