A Small Evasion and Displacement Boots question. (in General)

JANEMBA April 14 2014 11:52 PM EDT

I just want to understand this correctly: Displacement Boots will not reduce Dexterity granted to-hit, no matter how many more +'s it has over the opponent's weapon +'s, but if I have Evasion trained to an equivalent level as, say, +100 Displacement boots, then my Evasion will cancel out Dexterity granted to-hit if I have more Evasion effect than my opponent has +'s on his weapon, right? I also read that the Displacement Boots levels stack with Evasion, so does the Evasion granted by Displacement Boots act as normal Evasion levels as long as you have equal Dexterity to your new Evasion level? Sorry if my questions are hard to understand, I'm not sure how else I can put it. Thanks in advance!

Newlin [SeeD] April 15 2014 1:47 AM EDT

Note that the evasion level afforded by the boots does not need to be matched by DX to give full effect, while trained Evasion does. If trained Evasion is not matched by Dexterity, only 60% of the unmatched Evasion level will be used to calculate the final level while stacking.

Pulled from the Wiki on Evasion.

Evasion is one of those confusing things and hopefully someone who has more experience with it can chime in but here is how I am understanding it:

1. Trained evasion can reduce Dexterity based CTH if it is larger than your opponents PTH while DBs cannot.

2. Trained Evasion greater than your Dexterity is only 60% effective. A 100 effective evasion would only act as 60 with no Dexterity while a pair of +100 DBs would stil effectively act as +100 with no Dexterity.

so does the Evasion granted by Displacement Boots act as normal Evasion levels as long as you have equal Dexterity to your new Evasion level?

I don't believe so.

Another tidbit I just discovered from the wiki is that trained evasion receives a bonus during ranged rounds while the DBs and RoBF conferred evasion does not.

JANEMBA April 15 2014 4:35 AM EDT

This was actually a pretty big question, it seems!

So, is trained Evasion with equal Dexterity the best way to go, since it can far surpass even the largest DBs in causing the enemy to miss, right? Just train a huge Evasion with equal Dexterity and have Elven gear on the Evasion minion and that's your best bet to eliminate physical damage.
Also, with trained Dexterity equal to an opponent's Dexterity, you can eliminate Dexterity granted PTH by just having equal Dexterity, right? If an opponent doesn't have more Dexterity than you, then he doesn't get a Dexterity bonus to his PTH. I think that's what I remember reading, anyway.
So, DBs are the best if you already have huge Dexterity, since all of the opponent's Dexterity based PTH is +0, if they have equal Dexterity to you, so all that's left is to cancel out the +'s on the enemy weapon, and DBs can do that.
But, if you don't want huge DBs for NW or Encumberance reasons, then training Dexterity and Evasion would be the best way. BUT, if you want the most efficient use of your experience, so that you can save some for other skills, spells, etc., then you should just train Dexterity equal to your enemy's Dexterity to make his Dex-based-CTH 0% and get a huge pair of DBs.
Alternitively, you could train your Evasion level to 100, since that is the maximum Dex-based-CTH can get to and that amount of Evasion will cancel it out, leaving the DBs to cancel out all the +'s on the weapon of your opponent.
All that will force a properly trained Elven Longbow Archer to hit a maximum and minimum of once per round, or 80% of the time if you have all of the above training and equipment as well as an Amulet of Invisibility on the Evasion minion. I think BTH can never go below base, so since Elven Longbow has a base of 100%, it will always hit the enemy if Archery is at 1.0 effect, unless it is up against an Amulet of Invisibility. The only think that is confusing me now are the examples in the To-Hit wiki where it appears that the BTH actually CAN be lowered, but there is a minimum to how much it can be lowered. http://www.carnageblender.com/wiki/To%2dhit I think it is lowered if you have less Dexterity than your opponent, right? Then, what is the minimum that you can take an enemy's Elven Longbow to? Is it always half of the weapon's BTH that it can be reduced to? I really thing I'm missing something key here.... I probably sound really confused with all that I've written. Could someone help sort all this out for me?

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] April 15 2014 8:33 AM EDT

I think this is the best thread I've read in about a year. Thank you JANEMBA and Newlin. I apologize I do not have any insight into this specific area of the game, I just wanted to say that this is a great thread and it's nice to see new players trying to understand the games complexity.

JANEMBA April 15 2014 10:42 AM EDT

Haha, thanks! I hope we can actually get down to the bottom of this! I'll keep patiently checking my post. :)

JANEMBA April 15 2014 11:58 PM EDT

Let me just make my question a bit smaller: what is the lowest hit% that an Elven Longbow, with 1.0 Archery trained, be brought to? 80% with Amulet of Invisibility, or can it be brought even lower?

If this smaller question can be answered, then it would really help me alot!
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