Steam Summer Sale! (in Off-topic)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] June 22 2014 2:29 AM EDT

So, I'm sure you are all aware that the steam summer sale is going on. What games are you guys looking to pick up? I already bought Rage, The Stanley Parable and The Witcher 2. Are there any hidden gems out there I should be on the look out for? Oh, and I'm probably going to try and pick up Dark Souls 2.

Hannish Lightning June 22 2014 2:42 AM EDT

Try Sword of the Stars: The Pit! Its an addictive dungeon crawler that should last for your entertainment for a while!

Newlin [SeeD] June 22 2014 10:22 AM EDT

I picked up Witcher 2 myself the other day as well.

It's not on sale but if you guys haven't checked it out look into buying The Forest.

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] June 22 2014 10:51 AM EDT

It's been a while since i have been on Steam but damn if i didn't get on just in time. Final Fantasy VII for 4.07$ is probably the highlight of my year now!!! :)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] June 22 2014 2:53 PM EDT

Alright cool. I saw a trailer for The Forest before and it looked pretty creepy. Also Sword of the Stars is only $2 right now; so I'm going to pick it up.
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