Idea: money for rares through the system (in General)

{CB1}Bio July 31 2014 8:38 PM EDT

Hey guys--

Here's an me with the pros and cons.

Have an option (similar to the store) for rares to be sold for a certain amount. It would remove the item from the game (something I think is needed to control having so many rares) and it would have a predetermined value for each item + a % of networth. The economy sucks from so many rares and so few people looking for them. This gives a better option for the seller to make some more money too.


{CB1}Bio July 31 2014 9:59 PM EDT

As an addition, I know that the "central bank" sort of functions in this way, but with auction fees and doesn't operate under known (at least to me) values for the seller.

Gary Oak July 31 2014 10:02 PM EDT

I personally think it's a great idea. Would bring back the values of a lot of items that need it. I will however include that certain items, namely supporter items, shouldn't be included because personally I think 6m is high enough price for a pair of NS. Don't need JFs and other items disappearing from the game, especially JF because of people inking them. Their prices would go crazy. I'd like to see a lot of the other rares go up in price and demand and this is a great idea for helping achieve that.

Newlin [SeeD] July 31 2014 10:07 PM EDT

So what you are proposing is removing the spawns to auctions and drops and instead having those items spawn to the store with a set price plus a percentage of the NW?

If so I could get behind that. It would artificially inflate prices of certain items, act as a money sink, and best of all because of the base sale price you prevent items sniping to a large degree.

Gary Oak July 31 2014 10:13 PM EDT

I think he's talking of just a store to get rid of rares, however, combine both of your ideas, and you have something magnificent

Optimus(Prime) August 1 2014 12:29 AM EDT

Yeah the "rare items" are pretty much supporter items only. All the rare items are so low priced.

{CB1}Bio August 1 2014 7:45 AM EDT

"So what you are proposing is removing the spawns to auctions and drops and instead having those items spawn to the store with a set price plus a percentage of the NW?"

Similar, but not quite. More along the lines of what Gary Oak was saying. Maybe consider it a "Scrap Yard" of sorts. "Selling" your item to the scrap yard would get you money (base + % of NW) and it would remove that weapon/armor from the game completely thus reducing the total number of that rare item in the game. Cash for clunkers if you will :)

The difficulty is determining the fair base cost for each rare. It would surely have to take current CBD/USD prices into effect (maybe?) and it would also maybe look at average auction prices and total number of that item in the game?

Just thinking out loud.

Newlin [SeeD] August 1 2014 9:30 AM EDT

Gotcha, also a solid idea. We could make the Salvage Yard its own section under Business and add the "Cash for Clunkers" under that section with the ranged and melee salvage yards..

Setting each items sale price between 500k and 2m plus 50% of the NW would be a good starting point and then adjust from there.

Armando August 1 2014 9:50 AM EDT

If this was going to happen wouldn't the random spawn rates have to be adjusted as well?

{CB1}Bio August 1 2014 10:03 AM EDT

Armando, maybe a tad but not much at all. Simply because the incentive to sell that newly spawned item is greater than before. Now instead of dropping a Fire Familiar that is worth $1,100 in an auction it drops a Fire Familiar that can be scrapped for $100k (made that number up).

That also means more money for players and when someone wants to buy a Fire Familiar, they will need to pay $101k to get one. I think it would boost the economy overall, but wouldn't cause inflation because the number of rares actually decreases. If the number of rares was going up and more money was being pumped in then inflation would be out of control. With the number of rares going down then it boosts the economy and decreases inflation.

Armando August 1 2014 1:22 PM EDT

I like this idea but is it realistic to get implemented if everyone else agrees? I thought the reason for the decline of this game was lack of development due to Jon leaving.

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] August 1 2014 10:00 PM EDT


Newlin [SeeD] August 1 2014 10:02 PM EDT

As well as Nightstrike's absence.

If we had an admin with the ability to change the game mechanics I'm sure a number of adjustments and suggestions would be implemented.

Armando August 2 2014 10:46 AM EDT

Now is the problem that no one has permissions to change stuff or lack of know how?

Adminedyit [Superheros] August 3 2014 7:47 AM EDT

both, the people that have permission to change things have limited time to invest in this game, the people that have know how and time don't have (and probably rightly so) permission to make changes.

Armando August 3 2014 11:31 AM EDT

Is there anyway to get someone permissions? I feel that this game could be what it once was if there was updates made regularly.
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