Possible Multi (in Public Record)

Lxy November 25 2014 12:24 AM EST

RawkLawbster ( http://www.carnageblender.com/shared/community-member.tcl?user_id=252143 ) and Pagoda ( http://www.carnageblender.com/shared/community-member.tcl?user_id=274003 ).

-Same IP.
-Frequently, one picks up fighting a few minutes after the other stops.
-Same clan (cheating for more clan points?).
-RawkLawbster has occasionally been transferring CB$ to Pagoda.
-RawkLawbster mostly seems to loan Pagoda rare equipment. Some were from RockLawbster's old character monstaV.
-I believe RawkLawbster changed monstaV's build--unequipping all monstaV's items--soon after loaning items to Pagoda. monstaV, now retired, was active when Pagoda was created. Currently, Rawklawbster is using newly created character NotAnotherMageTeam, again--at the time of writing--without equipment.

RawkLawbster November 25 2014 11:06 AM EST

not a multi, my friend plays this game at my house on his tablet, idk why there are the same ips but im trying to help him gear his toons. he has another account too, which is on my list of referrals, but he can't get into it

if you can check the MAC addresses, you will see everything is fine

Lxy November 25 2014 1:44 PM EST

Every transfer I've seen him make (e.g., to auctioneer, etc.), during the week he's been playing, used the same IP as you.

I think it's somewhat strange that he never seems to play CB outside your home, especially if on a tablet--as further evidenced in Rawklawbster's and Pagoda's battle logs. I.e., I've never seen him go through his BA at the same time as you, like during lunch breaks at a cybercafe or at his home.

Also, based on your ISP's location, your friend was over your house yesterday at 11:10 PM CT (12:10 AM server time)--a bit strange for a Monday, but not unheard of, I suppose. CB showed you logged in a little after he stopped fighting, at 11:16 PM CT (12:16 AM server time). You didn't fight then, but it's an example of the frequent odd timing of account logins/actions. The day before that, at around 9:40 PM CT, a similar thing was shown in the battle logs--you were fighting then.

"he has another account too, which is on my list of referrals, but he can't get into it"

If you say so. I suppose an admin can clear this up, if they even bother checking in anymore.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] November 25 2014 2:04 PM EST

Generally, it is better to err on the side of caution when trying to help someone on the same IP.

Do not give them items/money, instead loan them.
Make a post dictating what is going on before hand.

This will prevent people accusing you of multing.

RawkLawbster November 25 2014 2:45 PM EST

if you would look at this through our point of view, it would make more sense, but I understand how this can look suspicious. This reminds me of a key and peel sketch where they were texting each other, and the other person totally misinterpreted everything he was reading.

I thought this community was dead, but I'm glad someone pays this kind of attention to me, it lets me know the players still care!

Newlin [SeeD] November 25 2014 3:38 PM EST

We aren't completely dead, just quiet.

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] November 25 2014 5:24 PM EST

What Newlin said :)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] November 25 2014 11:40 PM EST

Quiet? I guess we haven't entered zombie state yet...

AdminTal Destra November 27 2014 3:16 PM EST

Closed and handled
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