New Player Task (in New players)

HamBurglar February 15 2016 2:09 PM EST

so I finally decided to confirm my email lol. Game is fun so far, been reading a lot of the help pages lately and have my team going ok. but I keep thinking about changing up my strat, how hard is it to change strats on the fly in this game?

Mutinous Lot February 15 2016 2:14 PM EST

Not difficult, just costs time. Better to figure it out earlier than later tho it seems.

Untouchable February 15 2016 3:47 PM EST

Welcome! Yeah ^^^^

Have fun, this game can get pretty addicting soemtimes

Carnage Blunder February 15 2016 4:26 PM EST

welcome! i highly recommend sticking with a specific strat. its less punishing in the beginning when your character is new but later on it can drastically affect the types and amount of opponents you can defeat. good luck and ask lots of questions!

HamBurglar February 15 2016 5:20 PM EST

thanks guys, so ive rented some equipment just to start with and I'm doing good so far, but where can I find some of the rarer stuff like the tattoos? I originally wanted to go with a rune of balrog flame team, but I cant get one lol. Another thing I'm considering is swapping my endurance tat for an electric familiar, what do you guys think works better?

Carnage Blunder February 15 2016 6:17 PM EST

which tattoo do you want? i will give you one.

HamBurglar February 15 2016 7:29 PM EST

I was looking for a rune of balrog flame if you want to part with one :)

HamBurglar February 17 2016 4:21 PM EST

How viable is an evasion monk strategy? I've been looking at some stuff so far and I'm really want to play an UC monk or just an evasion wall. I'm only playing 2 minions and I don't know if I want to add another, but it seems like the best way to make a rune of balrog flame work. I want the tat to be my main source of damage, and I'm thinking about turning my second minion into an anti magic field mage wall and using the rune holder as an evasion wall. How expensive would this be to work?

Carnage Blunder February 17 2016 6:27 PM EST


Carnage Blunder February 17 2016 6:29 PM EST

IMO the best strat for two minion RoBF is to have your first minion wear an AoI and train a little bit of hp and a lot of AMF, and your second minion to be a pure wall with max AC and HP. Train Steel skin as well on your first minion.

HamBurglar February 17 2016 7:59 PM EST

will that survive long enough for the rune to work? I just don't want to be killed in ranged combat by the big 4 man teams with archers before my rune has a chance to do anything. how much hp would that strategy require?

or would I be better off adding a 3rd minion and training pure ablative shield and equipping big armor? if I went that route I would untrain all the dispel magic and some of the hp on my wall and train just anti magic field, then untrain my mage and turn him into an evasion wall with an assasins or enforcers crossbow and the rune.

Carnage Blunder February 17 2016 10:11 PM EST

Here's the thing. With an AoI equipped, your RoBF will not take melee damage before your wall. Damage to the wall will be minimal, at best because of the AC reduction. A high AMF will be good vs Fireball/CoC minions. Pumping pure HP is going to ensure your survivability even more.
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