Looking to speak with an Admin (in General)

HyrulianDad October 8 3:50 PM EDT

Hello, my name is Lord Alpha of the.... You know what just call me Aaron. So, I am looking to learn some app building for the mobile revolution and I have recently looked back into CB from ages past and I see it is dead, well almost, and that makes me sad, I spent a lot of time here when I was in school. At any rate I am looking for permission to start trying to turn CB into a mobile app possibly saving it from the living death it is in. These kinds of games seem to be making a comeback. Now as I said I am looking to learn, I am not pro, not even a novice, I am 100% learning from scratch with nothing more than some basic C++ and Python coding know how so I can't even promise given permission that I can pull it off but I would LOVE the chance to try. Also any chance you let me fix the chat function on the site? It is blocked due to not conforming to Oracles security updates and that is something I do have a little know how on. Either way I am at spreading the word of CB about again so hopefully I can get us some new blood to maybe pick things up a bit.

Love to hear from someone but expect nothing more than pleasant conversations with the other members toughing it out.

Salsa [The Z-Fighters] October 8 4:13 PM EDT

Good luck to you, I'd be the first to download it, even if the whole app was just a gigantic "Fight" button so I don't keep clicking inspect, edit, specify when playing on my phone.

From what I gather, CB is written in punch cards and being run on a Potato.

If you get traction and need help on the DB / SQL side let me know.

Good Luck!

DragonBallFan(Joel) [The Z-Fighters] October 8 5:57 PM EDT

I'd love CB2 as a mobile app! I already play using my browser on my phone, so I'm unsure how different it will be, however if it gets onto the Play Store then that'll definitely help with getting new players!!!

Achertontus [Sneezels] October 11 8:52 AM EDT

I think, this game having existed for so long and with the very select amount of people still playing this game without any support from who ever, that this game has now become public property. If you do not do it, nobody will and CB will die one day or the other. You are our Messiah and savior! Have some popcorn, an energy drink or two and get this project underway already! You have my support!

Achertontus [Sneezels] October 11 8:54 AM EDT

Also, IF this is going to happen, I volunteer to take care of everything Reddit related. I am on Reddit 24/7 and already help indie developers over there. Great gateway to increase player base :D

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 12 11:22 AM EDT

I think the lack of ever implementing a rolling bonus led to this games demise. :(
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