EEET/TTTT Strat (in General)

Sithaz [The Z-Fighters] March 25 2:44 PM EDT

So I was thinking about running an EEET or maybe it can be considered TTTT. Was wondering if anyone has done one of these and either found success or failure from it.

First three minions train AS, Giant Strength, and Haste. Last minion just trains as if it's the solo damage dealing tank (light or heavy still up the air). I also don't know what the best order is for the 4 minions. I'm debating on RoS on the AS minion or a ToA on the primary tank. I also planned on giving all 3 "enchanter" minions a set of light tank gear and letting them do damage as well. Was leaning towards triple mageseekers for them since they'll have lower stats than my primary tank, shouldn't be an issue if they're shooting a mage though.

Anyone got any advice or ideas, just something I'm tossing around and fleshing out right now see if I want to do a run in the future.

Sithaz [The Z-Fighters] March 25 2:47 PM EDT

Also considering just training Vampiric on the 4th minion and not have a specific main tank. All of them can just dps equally.

miteke [Superheros] March 25 4:15 PM EDT

The main problem you will run into in money. Keeping one dang tank fully equipped up to her encumbrance is impossible. The best you can do it moderately well equipped. Keeping 4 of them equipped? Forget about it.

Redemption [Axis of Evil] March 26 1:51 AM EDT

I agree money will be a big issue. I would also suggest not using VA. Because of limited money I find having a big ELB was better than have good ELB and melee weapon with VA.

You should try it out! :)
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