Really Strange Landscape (in General)

Sithaz March 26 9:18 PM EDT

So I don't remember the battlefield looking like this last time I played. I'm browsing the 2M-6M Score and the vast majority of these teams are between 200 and 25k MPR. How in the world did the game get like this? It's amazingly easy to find targets to farm right now at my 300k power ranking that give 100% battle rewards, but I just don't understand how it got this way. Did you all band together to set this up?

AbominationWorm(Joel) [Abomination of Desolation] March 27 2:30 AM EDT

Yeah, pretty much! Nemesia started it, and Piper and I expanded on it TREMENDOUSLY!!!!! LOL

Piper Fury [The Z-Fighters] March 27 6:03 AM EDT

Please don't remind me Joel. Raising scores got old fast!

Sithaz March 27 7:22 AM EDT

Does the MPR or Power have an effect on battle rewards, or am I going to get just as much from a team with 400 MPR and 5 mil score as I will with 4 mil MPR and 5 mil score?

Piper Fury [The Z-Fighters] March 27 10:12 AM EDT

Go to wiki- fighting- battle rewards. It breaks down how you can maximize your rewards. You want to fight characters with scores that are double your PR. Also, the higher the characters PR you are fighting will result in higher rewards as well. Don't fight characters with a 10 million score that have a PR of 5k.

AbominationWorm(Joel) [Abomination of Desolation] March 27 5:58 PM EDT

Before my final NUB I'm planning on doing it again, but on an even more massive scale!!!!!
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