NUB restarting (in General)

Sithaz [The Z-Fighters] April 3 3:33 PM EDT

Seems to me, that for those of us playing, if we were to add a simple step before we restart a NUB, it would help all of us greatly:

Before restarting a new NUB account, use the account you're about to drop to boost the scores of a bunch of teams that everyone can farm. Maybe spend a week or 2 just doing that. Then go and create your NUB.

AbominationWorm(Joel) [The Z-Fighters] April 3 4:55 PM EDT

That's exactly what I'M planning on doing! I've done it after finishing 3 or 4 NUBs so far, but the scores don't stay elevated for very long with several other people farming them every day and dropping their scores back down, but they do stay for long enough to get a nice boost! They're about due for another boost, and I'll do it in 4 months when my current NUB has finished, probably with the assistance of Piper and his massive score pool! :) :) :)

Sithaz [The Z-Fighters] April 3 4:57 PM EDT

Yeah, I'll do it too when I restart. Just seemed like the best way to do it, so it doesn't really hurt anybody's actual progress.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] April 4 12:35 PM EDT

I think Jonathan is doing a facepalm right now.

Sithaz [The Z-Fighters] April 4 2:00 PM EDT

He don't care, as long as he gets $11 out of us every 6-7 months.

AbominationWorm(Joel) [The Z-Fighters] April 5 1:47 AM EDT

Yeah, he doesn't care, lol. It was one of his own Admins that started the trend, lmao....

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] April 5 11:14 AM EDT

I believe she boosted scores for a NCB. Multiple NUBs is a completely different story because of the shear amount of NW that can be generated.

The NCB and NUB were created to make an even playing field for both existing and new players. Jon was always trying to balance the mechanics of the game and the score pumping with multiple NUB runs just seems abusive and lame.

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