Kinda Funny (in General)

Sithaz [The Z-Fighters] April 6 3:44 PM EDT

A $439M Chakram is sitting on a 1437 MPR team. That's definitely going to good use.

Salsa [The Z-Fighters] April 6 4:25 PM EDT

I'm just waiting for the day that Joel has enough CB$ that causes the server to permanently crash. He's at about $1B right now, my guess is ~ a year and a half.

Sithaz [The Z-Fighters] April 6 4:54 PM EDT

Yeah, and what I don't understand is that he seems to be spending his BA purchases during bonus money times even though he already had 1B on hand. Idk what his plan is.

AbominationWorm(Joel) [The Z-Fighters] April 8 12:08 PM EDT

Why, my plan is to crash to CB2 servers, of course! You've guessed correctly! ;D)))))
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