I think I found a pretty big bug. (in General)

AbominationWorm(Joel) [Abomination of Desolation] August 9 2:33 AM EDT

I used the salvage yard to change my Mageseeker 5x64476 to an SoD and it changed it to an SoD, but with only 5x56738. They have the same value for upgrading their x, so why did it lose nearly 10k from its x???

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] August 9 12:36 PM EDT

Did it lose any NW? I remember something about X values changing in the salvage yard between weapon types (Slings vs Bows) I think it might have to do with how damage is calculated. Strange that the upgrade costs are the same tho.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [The Z-Fighters] August 9 4:03 PM EDT

It's at 724 million right now, but I've forgotten how much it was to start with....

robjam August 16 7:59 AM EDT

I would imagine that converting from one weapon to another would be easier to calculate the to-hit(+) first and then put the remainder in the damage(x) as to-hit scales differently between SoD and MageSeeker. Looking at the wiki a +100 SoD costs 16m while a +100 MageSeeker costs 11m (assuming wiki data is still accurate).

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [The Z-Fighters] August 16 8:38 AM EDT

Ah, that's probably it! The + stayed the same, so that should explain it! Rhanks Rob! :D)))))))
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