US Presidential Election - Trump vs Biden (in Debates)

Redemption [Axis of Evil] August 10 2020 2:28 AM EDT

Just curious everyone's thoughts on who is the better candidate. You can also address any real third party candidate but you should at least give your preference between Trump and Biden and why....After a few post I will share my thoughts too!

Adminedyit [Superheros] August 10 2020 6:14 AM EDT

there isn't a good choice, both suck, there's nothing worse than having to pick the one that doesn't suck as much....

miteke [Superheros] August 10 2020 1:37 PM EDT

Trump. No doubt in my mind. Trump may be a wanker in many respects, but for the most part I like what he's done as President.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] August 10 2020 4:19 PM EDT

I think Biden is so amateur, lol. Did ya'll see his very first YouTube campaign ad where he just barely remembers his lines in time and laughs at his own ineptitude? lmao He acts like I probably would if I ran for President (minus the Socialism)!!! LOLOL

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] August 12 2020 1:58 AM EDT

American politics begs for a hard reboot.

Piper1 August 13 2020 12:38 PM EDT

Trump 110%. I use to lean left and can't believe I ever did. I did not vote for Trump, but the man has far exceeded my expectations. He has my vote this time!

miteke [Superheros] August 13 2020 6:39 PM EDT

My feelings exactly. I figured there was a much bigger chance he would swerve left once elected, but he has been the first president for a LONG time to stick up for conservative principles. No wonder he drives liberals nuts. They are not used to that.

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] August 13 2020 11:59 PM EDT

There is a President in US in name only. You get the same outcomes no matter what party. They are basically the difference between Catholics and Protestants, not even close to the difference in Christian and Muslim.

Salsa[2] [The Z-Fighters] August 14 2020 10:34 AM EDT

It's a great time to be a politician. We as American's have forgot about holding them accountable, especially our own party. We gladly buy in to "They are socialists", "They are ignorant neo cons". We eat it up.

I'm conservative. My core beliefs are rooted in less govt and being fiscally conservative. If you are like me then check the facts, Trump is no better than Obama in these regards. Those are core to the conservative party, but as long as they don't call themselves "liberal" I guess I should be happy right?

No. As other's have said, there is no real choice here. Keep lying to yourself that Trump is any better than Biden. Keep blaming the other party.

How about instead of voting in a Tired empty unaccomplished man or a Unclassy orange oaf we put in someone who will get things done and compromise?

Nah! Lets stick with filibusters and blaming the other guy.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] August 14 2020 1:13 PM EDT

Salsa, I wish that could happen before the largest disaster in human history would strike, but such a disaster is the only way things could ever change, I'm afraid. COVID-19 is nothing compared to what it would take to change the status quo.

Piper1 August 14 2020 2:05 PM EDT

@Miteke. I agree with you. Its hard for lobbyists to buyout a billionaire. Pre covid, this economy was booming, stocks high and unemployment low. The man did a lot for this country. My only problem was as he cut taxes, government spending was not declining at the same rate. As some economists mention, as long as the petro dollar exists and the world relies so heavily on the USD, we can print money. But I still think we need to do be more responsible with our printing.

Piper1 August 14 2020 2:18 PM EDT

What troubles me is all these terrorists running our streets. I believe with democrats running the country, it would be free for all. The democrats also have a deep and dark history. They are responsible for the murders and enslavement of millions of people. Same as the Nazi's. I wont listen to a Nazi or Democrat. Democrats are taking down all these statues, then change your political party's name. But they won't because welfare is modern day slavery.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] August 15 2020 12:48 AM EDT

PREACH IT, BROTHER!!!!! :D))))))))))))

miteke [Superheros] August 16 2020 4:59 PM EDT

I agree that in some important respects, republican or democrat is pretty much the same.

Government spending is one example. I was really peeved when Trump caved on the budget. I would have loved to see him stand firm and let the government shut down until they got spending under control.

The idea that if they are not making more laws they are not doing something is another. There are too many dang laws and they keep making more. And too many taxes. Trump may have tweaked the income tax, but I have no real idea of how may taxes I actually pay directly and indirectly.

But in other respects there is stark difference.

The court judges for one. Liberals end to legislate from the bench and put judges in place that will do so. Very unconstitutional rulings that make the short sighted liberals happy.

The treatment of Christians vs. alternate theologies/beliefs another. I I would prefer that all were treated equally, but we are not. And that is a democrat thing.

Another difference I have noticed is that republicans are more likely to hold their own accountable, Whereas democrats almost celebrate their representative's bad behavior. Their appalling penchant for trial by accusation is another reason I dislike democrats more than republicans. Everyone, everywhere, is more likely to give their own a pass on things, but the ability of the democrats to manufacture and push fake accusations is unbelievable and their constituents naivete in accepting them is downright stupefying, while passing on proven and documented abuses of power from their own is infuriating. So twisted is this that when Trump complained about it, he was impeached for daring to bring it out into the open. Wow! He calls for justice and gets excoriated.

But ultimately, the power in this country is in our hands. I tell my family all the time that we got what we have because it is what we chose. If you have a problem with politics you have no further to look than yourselves and your neighbors. That is where the real problem is. And saying you have no real choice is not true. I did not vote republican when McCain was the candidate.

miteke [Superheros] August 17 2020 9:50 AM EDT

Here we go again. This time they are saying that Trump is rigging the election because, what? He is not supporting additional money to the Post Office?

Sheesh. They will probably want to impeach him for it.

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] August 18 2020 10:34 PM EDT

The world has changed so rapidly in the past 30 years, that you have a huge subset of the population in the US that are still living in a cold war, and want nothing more than to go back to something that feels slightly more comfortable.

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] August 19 2020 12:24 AM EDT

What I support is an overhaul of the two party system. To include more points of view, and represent what the US has truly become, in my view, a wide range of culture and beliefs from all over the world, things can not stand as they were back when the world was larger. The two party system paints black and white, but that is just not how the universe works. We has humans love to simplify, but in reality things are just more complex. Two parties do not reflect our potential.
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