Armor Proficiency (in General)

Uhtred [The Z-Fighters] August 24 11:29 PM EDT

Armor Proficiency, working or not working? Help says not working but many are using it at high levels.

robjam August 25 12:01 AM EDT

Have any of the high-level teams logged in and fought recently? It could just be that it worked when they were playing.

I imagine you could train it and see if shocking grasp is reduced or not. Could be a good opportunity to update the wiki with your findings.

Uhtred [The Z-Fighters] August 27 6:09 AM EDT

I will work on the wiki soon, thanks for the invite.

Uhtred [The Z-Fighters] August 29 5:11 AM EDT

So it seems they are using the Armor Proficiency to defend against Shocking Grasp. Changed the wiki to reflect.

Uhtred [The Z-Fighters] August 29 5:16 AM EDT

If someone wants to link the shocking grasp page, be my guest. Figure that skill out another night. :p

Uhtred [The Z-Fighters] September 11 12:50 AM EDT

I just want to revisit this, because I feel that someone must have felt the "currently broken" statement was important enough to put as the very top bullet. But they gave no evidence at all. I would just vote for getting rid of the entire line item. Will not make that leap on my own though. If it was actually broken would it not be in bug reports? I feel its working as intended. Thoughts?

Salsa [The Z-Fighters] September 11 3:46 PM EDT

From what I see, its still not doing what its supposed to which is halving the armor penalties. Let's say I equip a Cornathum, that will be a -10% to dexterity. With Armor Proficiency that should be -5%.

From my tests, with our without Armor proficiency that is -10%. So It doesn't look like its doing what its supposed to in this regard.

Salsa [The Z-Fighters] September 11 3:49 PM EDT

Oh, and "Many are using at High levels", likely because there is simply nothing better to use the skill slot for on some minions and its super cheap so why not?

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [The Z-Fighters] September 11 10:51 PM EDT

Maybe the thing that's not broken about it is that it is correctly reducing the bonus that SG gets for hitting targets with AC from 1% to 0.5% for each point of base AC.
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