Props to Atomic (in General)

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] November 17 2020 11:13 PM EST

I been chasing him like crazy for the last three months. Nice job fending me off. It's not completely over yet. But total props for the flexibility and weeks of awesome competition!

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] November 18 2020 1:10 AM EST

If some of the old active players were still around, I would be losing to teams I could beat 5 years ago :)

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] November 18 2020 3:35 AM EST

But game is for today bro!

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] November 19 2020 3:37 PM EST

like me atomic?

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] November 19 2020 4:39 PM EST

Oh oh, me too!!! XD)))))

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] November 19 2020 6:31 PM EST

Yes AoD like you. A. fellow member since 2005.

Joel is a staple of the community with his 1bizillion NW SoD. When we will see that in action? Let me know so I can retire my character in time lol

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] November 20 2020 10:05 PM EST

Joel is a universal anomaly. :P

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] November 21 2020 5:08 AM EST

Here is my thoughts on the totality of the situation. Atomic believes that old players come first. They should, if you look back at my previous post I was thinking that Gondorians get more love for the simple fact they stay in the game. Joel believes that fun is #1, if you are not having fun with the game, it's not worth playing. I don't know where the middle lay. But certainly there is middle ground.

I want to start over, because I believe I can do better. On the other hand that is not fair to Atomic. I feel that too.

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] November 21 2020 5:28 AM EST

I propose we set a date and time to do carnage. The best skilled warrior from the restart side, and the best from the old school side in a 1 vs 1 tourney. Best warrior wins and we all go home happy. LOL!

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] November 21 2020 11:05 AM EST

So far the admins have not stepped in and clarified there decision around the use of the NUB. I guess we can assume that its a free for all at this point. I just think it takes away from the strategy aspect of the game and turns it into a NW hunt.

I am all for fun, My comment wasn't meant as a jab to Joel, I am actually curious to see that weapon in action.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] November 21 2020 2:18 PM EST

I'm actually struggling to find a way to use all this NW,lol. CB2 is surprisingly well-balanced! I may have a ton of NW, but it's all useless if I don't have the right strategy! And, after a certain point there are severely diminished returns from my NW, on top of even higher Encumbrance. I ain't ready for a knowledge-based tourney, yet, lol.

Piper Fury [The Z-Fighters] November 22 2020 12:43 PM EST

A blessing for older players is the 22 million PR bug. Joel's + on his weapon will add a lot to his PR. So he won't be able to have a high mpr or has to use a medium size tat. Same thing myself and Blunder ran into.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] November 23 2020 6:51 AM EST

Oh yeah, there's also that, lol.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] November 23 2020 7:05 PM EST

I may have to reduce the + on my SoD down to a level that only gives me an additional 1 million PR, because at +400 it adds 5 million PR, lmfao.... It should be fine, though, just a bit of wasted CBD that I'll be able to recover in about a year, lol.... It's fine, I love grinding, anyway! :D)))))

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] November 23 2020 7:33 PM EST

I redirected some NW to the x on my big SoD (now x100,000), and now it only adds 1.8 million NW! I have only about 800 million CBD now, though, so it'll be another year before I have enough to buy 3 minions at the end of a full single minion NUB, but I wasn't emotionally ready to do that for another 2 years, anyway, lol.

SpinBoomEngine(Joel) [SpinBoomClan] November 23 2020 7:33 PM EST

1.8 million PR added*

Uhtred [Ulfr Skari] November 23 2020 9:26 PM EST

Joel can just loan it to me, and I will show it to you in action AB. :P
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