NUB Time (in General)

Carnal Custard [Porthcawl] August 21 2021 2:31 PM EDT

As always, I'll be trying some kind of Monk strategy. Wish me luck.

Teucer [187ELiTE] August 21 2021 3:48 PM EDT

If you are looking for any items just post, plenty to find their way to auction or transfer. Good luck.

If I can't make Teucer and Ajax (archer brothers) work I'll be back with some monk brothers next, UC anf Jiggy duo.

Carnal Custard [Porthcawl] August 21 2021 5:28 PM EDT

I am looking for an AoI and a TSA for my strategy eventually. Also, I need to rent an item to complete the tutorial, so if anyone feels like throwing an item in there, I think it's worth like $300. Thanks!

Teucer [187ELiTE] August 21 2021 6:05 PM EDT

Corn tossed up on rentals.

Eldarion [Numenor] August 21 2021 11:02 PM EDT

Join our Discord. Would love to have you there during your Nub. And Good Luck!
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