Hello all! (in New players)

speerfissure December 3 2021 10:06 PM EST

Just checking things out, looks interesting!

Eldarion [Numenor] December 3 2021 11:37 PM EST

It's deeper than it looks. Welcome! Let us know if you need anything. :)

speerfissure December 4 2021 12:27 AM EST

Will do, thank you.

yiuchau [Porthcawl] December 4 2021 12:41 PM EST

Hey Speer, welcome to the game!

Teucer [187ELiTE] December 4 2021 2:46 PM EST

Welcome to the blender!

Nurse Joel Bell December 6 2021 3:52 PM EST

Welcome, Speer! If you need anything at all, just let us know! :) :) :) :) :)

Mad Man December 8 2021 11:54 AM EST

Hello peeps. I played back in 2004. Decided to come back and check it out again.

yiuchau [Porthcawl] December 8 2021 2:54 PM EST

Hey Madman, welcome back!
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