Exchange Rate. (in General)

Eldarion [Numenor] December 9 2021 11:58 PM EST

This was asked, and I think it would be great to know. But how to quantify someone's work in CB into real-life currency of any type. We have nothing like that. Easy to say anything is worth what someone will pay for it, but to set a number like there was in the old days has not been done for awhile. I think it could be because most of us do not think of CB as "buy in" type of game. While money can be involved, the actual love of the game, and the commitment involved to create something great in this game goes beyond any exchange rate. To monetize it sorta runs against the spirit of the game. But in an honest exchange, in my opinion, the value of a million CB can still flux wildly, depending on what someone needs at the time, and how desperate they are to get it.

annuminas [Serenity In Chaos] December 10 2021 12:53 AM EST

:) yes Iíve been gone a while

Eldarion [Numenor] December 10 2021 1:19 AM EST

Teucer keeps the Holy Hand Grenade, with all his awesome spreadsheets, maybe he could keep record if it was posted to find a fair exchange.

Kefek [Porthcawl] December 10 2021 10:07 AM EST

Honestly the exchange rate would probably be next to nothing. Just to much nub money in the system at this point.

yiuchau [Porthcawl] December 10 2021 4:41 PM EST

I'll take a modest hundred million CB for next to nothing :')

miteke [Superheros] December 10 2021 6:02 PM EST

The lowest it got was around 2 USD per million CBD from what I remember, but that was a very long time ago and it hasn't traded since.

Eldarion [Numenor] December 12 2021 12:51 AM EST

Yeah around $10US for $20 Million sounds about where I would put things ATM.

Teucer [187ELiTE] December 12 2021 11:52 AM EST

At 2 USD per 1,000,000 CB$ that works out to around $5.55 USD per NUB day under the assumption you can earn $500M CB$ on full NUB run.

If I assume Eldarion made $500M on the NUB he just finished, would be USD earnings of $0.0084 (84% of a penny) per BA used for the 118,872 battles challenged.

Nurse Joel Bell December 12 2021 6:43 PM EST

Wow, very interesting!!! So, I make over a dollar for every 160 BA I burn! Lol, that is if there's a buyer out there!
As an aside, there's a bit of strategy involved in buying up someone's CBD: if you were to buy my 1 billion CBD, and then keep buying it off of me after each of my NUBs, then that would be pretty damaging to my growth, lolol. If I keep accruing all this CBD then I can keep pumping the x on my big SoD, but if someone keeps buying all my CBD then it's THEM who gets to grow their weapons, armor, etc. :P))))))

miteke [Superheros] December 13 2021 12:16 PM EST

Well, dang. I have about 225M and thought I was doing good. Those NUB are cash cows I guess.

yiuchau [Porthcawl] December 13 2021 4:04 PM EST

Time to hop aboard the NUB train Miteke :")

annuminas [Serenity In Chaos] December 13 2021 7:48 PM EST

Am I the oldest active user?

Nurse Joel Bell December 13 2021 10:18 PM EST

Maybe you are the oldest active user! January 24th, 2005! We'll save your place as oldest, even if you start an NUB, so don't hesitate! Get those NUBs going!!! :D)))))))

Redemption [Axis of Evil] December 15 2021 9:35 AM EST

You are almost the oldest active user. I think I have a few days on you :) One of the reasons I don't want to do a nub too.

Teucer [187ELiTE] December 15 2021 1:01 PM EST

Do a NUB then transfer the NUB to your original account when done?

Blunder Blender December 15 2021 3:43 PM EST

Itís been a while since the rule was posted but I am prettty sure you have to abandon your previous account completely. Probably best to check with admin if you want to do something like that.

Eldarion [Numenor] December 18 2021 4:27 AM EST

I think that question is for another topic. I'm not selling $cb, I was just pondering on what a stack would be worth. Now we are over in, "lets not dilute the economy," territory. I doubt this will happen, everyone should get a chance to play a couple nubs, and hone their skills. Past work does get devalued, but you will see that in any MMO.
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