Few Questions (in General)

Drakon(DS) January 10 2022 8:58 PM EST

Hey back after a friend reminded me of this game. Had a few questions.

I see the player base is down to just a few active, is that the case?

Any way to get something in the black market to actually spawn?

Any way to get new items?


Teucer [187ELiTE] January 10 2022 9:16 PM EST

Not a ton of active, enough that it's fun to run a NUB (at least for me).

Black Market not doing much, items hit regular auction house pretty often or you can ask on WTB amd likely one or more of us will have it somewhere.

horseguy001 [Blender 2021] January 12 2022 9:55 AM EST

I came back pretty recently too.

I find the community has created a peak blending environment even for an NCB. The bonus is so high that money is good just leveling a tattoo on a perma 100% challenge bonus.

Auctions are still frequent it seems and working just fine.

I'll add a question;

Does the support item section actually work if we wanted to snag some supporter items that were sold off years ago?

Teucer [187ELiTE] January 12 2022 1:54 PM EST

I believe supporter item purchase should be working. I haven't used it recently (hmm, maybe I bought an Amulet of Invisibility).

I did name couple of items and that worked just fine (used PayPal if I remember correctly).

Piper1 January 12 2022 2:35 PM EST

Yes special items and naming works.

Drakon(DS) January 12 2022 9:20 PM EST

Hey does chat not work anymore? Installed java and its still not loading.

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] January 12 2022 9:29 PM EST

Chat has been broken for years, has anyone ever thought about starting a Discord server? I know it's not in browser but... I feel like 90% of us probably use Discord.

Teucer [187ELiTE] January 13 2022 12:04 AM EST

Discord link... https://discord.gg/8kvKFaGa

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