My new NUB!!! (in New players)

MuscleFarm (Joel) [The Z-Fighters] January 24 11:09 PM EST

MuscleFarm (Joel) is my new NUB account, I'm going to be leveling up my big tattooooo!!!!!! :D))))))))))))

P.S. I remember the old days of complicated deals to level up tattoos by trading said tattoo to an ongoing NUB/NCB. I'm glad those days are gone, lol!

Teucer [187ELiTE] January 25 7:12 AM EST

Let's see a 50M tattoo! Good luck on the run.

MuscleFarm (Joel) [The Z-Fighters] January 25 12:24 PM EST

Thanks brother, I'll do my best!!!!!

AdminTal Destra January 26 8:54 PM EST

Get a move on you slouch!

Gohan2 [Porthcawl] January 26 10:05 PM EST

Now there's a name I haven't seen in a while. Hope all is well Tal!

AdminTal Destra January 26 10:21 PM EST


Had a reverse vasectomy yeseterday. kat and I are trying for more children. Opened our new business (fixing sewing machines (all sizes)) life is going good.

How about all you all?

Gohan2 [Porthcawl] January 26 10:38 PM EST

Two kids of my own since I last quit, 5&3. Can't really complain these days! It's honestly wild so many people are still around. Good luck with everything on that front Tal!
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