Un-retiring Characters? (in General)

horseguy001 [Blender 2021] February 10 2022 2:06 PM EST

I swear years ago there was some mechanism to un-retire old characters. Something about sending an admin 50k and they can do it or something like that.

I want to add Black Mesa back into the fight pool, and will train their main source of damage into something much less threatening.

Gohan2 [Porthcawl] February 10 2022 9:21 PM EST

If an admin hasn't seen this already, they will retire characters for the fee. I am going to send the 50k to central bank in hopes they do it :)

Gohan2 [Porthcawl] February 10 2022 9:21 PM EST

Gohan2 (Gohan The Noob) Central Bank (Central Bank) $50000 -- Black Mesa Unretire 9:21 PM EST

Adminedyit [Superheros] February 11 2022 6:20 AM EST


horseguy001 [Blender 2021] February 11 2022 9:25 AM EST

Thank you!
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