274,327,570 Battles! (in General)

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 23 12:12 AM EDT

On 9/15/2014, roughly 7 years ago, CB had 1,283,714 battles Challenged. Today it has 274,327,570 battles. That's a lot of battles! I am actually surprised it went up so much, considering the lack of people.

On a different note, it saddens me that CB doesn't have an SSL certificate for its login page, even a self-signed one. :(

Gohan2 [Porthcawl] April 23 12:57 AM EDT

EoD! Hope life is well my friend! Glad to see you checking, just did so myself not that long ago.

AdminNightStrike April 25 2:36 PM EDT

Fair point.. we can do let's encrypt.

QBPixel Sage April 26 11:35 PM EDT

That's a lot of battles!
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