Lens or Lense? (in Off-topic)

Jomsvikings August 24 2022 3:43 AM EDT

This boys and girls is what the book says. We look and cover it closely but then go study French, which obviously states, when writing, you can put a vowel where ever the hell you want! élan!

The word lens is a singular noun. The plural form of this word is lenses. It seems that a misunderstanding about the singular form of this word is likely the primary source of confusion regarding lens vs. lense.

Since many common nouns are made plural by adding an "s" to the end of the singular form, people sometimes incorrectly assume that the word lenses is formed by adding an "s" to lense.
However, lense is not a word in American English or U.K. English (or any other language). The correct singular term is the word lens. Since the word lens ends in an "s," an -es is added to the end of the word to convert it to a plural noun.

Jomsvikings August 24 2022 3:55 AM EDT

he plural noun form of モantennaヤ comes in two flavors: モantennasヤ and モantennae.ヤ

If you look up antenna in an English dictionary, youメll see that the plural, antennas, is used to refer to electrical instruments, and antennae, to the protuberances found on the heads of insects.

When I began working at RF Venue (we're a wireless manufacturer), I was instructed that the plural of antenna, the device, is モantennas.ヤ The regular, boring English language convention of adding an モ-sヤ suffix to make that noun represent more than one of that noun.

As I began interacting with customers, I noticed many would say モantennaeヤ when talking about more than one wireless antenna. It seemed like a totally innocent and understandable mistake. Theyメve seen the plurals of other nouns that end in モ-aヤ commonly pluralized as モ-aeヤ (weメll get into why this happens later). I never corrected anyone, because I knew perfectly well what they meant and frankly the grammatical mistakeラif it is one at allラis hair splitting.

Even so, everything on my dashboard confirmed that モantennasヤ is correct when writing or speaking about EM antennas. Every wireless expert I spoke to talked about antennas, plural. Every issue of IEEE Antennas & Propagation, the penultimate engineering journal on the art of electromagnetic transducers, had antennas printed on the cover and antennas printed consistently in every article by esteemed scientists inside.

Case closed.


Full Story.... https://www.rfvenue.com/blog/2016/03/02/technical-grammar-police-antennas-or-antennae

Just saying.

Jomsvikings August 24 2022 4:04 AM EDT

Next time I will notepad my quotes, It's a Java Lava Golly what'a Day!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 24 2022 11:59 AM EDT

My antennae went up the second I saw an OT post from you

Team Avatar [Porthcawl] August 24 2022 5:20 PM EDT

Thoughts in (parenthesis)...

"Look out for the angry moose!"

(Should I look for one or a whole angry herd?)

"We have fish to eat for dinner."

(Should I eat a snack, is it just one little fish or a whole pile of big fish?)

English is an odd language, even when you think you have it figured out.

(I never noticed odd is an odd number of letters and even is an even number of letters.)

Jomsvikings August 26 2022 12:54 AM EDT

I just tried to be consistent, add an extra "e" whenevere possiblee. ;)
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