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Jomsvikings November 12 2022 5:45 AM EST

So I paid a 400 dollar water bill last month. And I ask my woman, like where did 400 dollars worth of water go? But I know, she washes clothes every single day. She has a bit of a water problem. She likes to be clean. Her, under a waterfall, full time, would be just right. So she lands me with this bill. And I'm like... Hey listen here, I'll let ya do anything you want if you paying. But when I'm paying, We gonna wash cloths like normal people. Once a week.

Guess how that went!?!

Jomsvikings November 12 2022 5:56 AM EST


The Four Beast (Joel) [Liminal Farm] November 12 2022 9:26 PM EST

LOL classic!!!

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 14 2022 6:23 AM EST

I'm the head of the water dept. for where i live, if this isn't a "normal" bill for you my 1st advice is check your toilet, you would be absolutely amazed at how much water a toilet can use when it has uninterrupted flow. When we do billing i get inundated with complaints of "there is no way i used that much water, your meter is wrong." quick easy way to check your toilet, get some food coloring, put some in the back of the tank to make the color change, wait 5 minutes, if the water in the bowl changed colors or the back tank is clear your toilet has a leak.

If thats not the case i'm guessing you're metered, 99% of meters have some form of flow indicator on them to show water is passing through them, also try contacting your water supplier, depending on your metering system they might be able to break it down into daily or hourly reads for you.

AdminQBVerifex November 14 2022 1:16 PM EST

Oh man, I had the $400 bill one time, it was a leak in the line somewhere, I went and rented a water leak detector and was all geared up trying to find the leak in our line, and what I found was that the leak wasn't in our yard, it was inside the junction box, and thankfully it was on the side where the city needs to fix. So they sent out a truck right away to fix it. Yay! I think they might have given me a very slight refund for the water bill, but it was still a lot. ;)
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