Debates Forum

Discussion and Debate that follows a special set of rules and guidelines.


(1) Insults are NOT allowed; however, analogies/allusions/examples etc. not intended to ridicule others but for illustrating legitimate points are fine. Specifics:

(2) You may not imitate the speech/ behavior of a poster in this forum in any way (which would be clearly assaulting that member through the means of irony) as this will be considered a forum member ad hominem post.

(3) You should state clearly what your purpose of opening the thread is for, and provide enough information about the topic to hold a reasonable discussion.

(4) A discussion thread is to be left open-ended. This means it will remain open for an indefinite period of time. This is different from debate, where two sides hold logical arguments against one another in an effort to defeat the other side and come to a conclusion; debates may also be timed.

(5) You must provide your opinion/views in a debate, unlike a discussion where you may simply provide relevant information or ask questions.

(6) Debate threads only: Any member of the forum may post, and as they post they take sides with the content or opinion of their first post, and may not switch sides during the debate.

(7) You may not make two posts consecutively. Please wait for at least another person to post before you make another post. The exception here is a clarification on your previous post, should you forget information; however, it is highly suggested that you thoroughly check your post before submitting it. You may not make a clarifying post if someone else has made a post after the one you would like to clarify.

(8) Do not use all upper case text. We expect to see literate, intelligent discussion here; that means you should generally follow the rules of grammar.

(9) Stay on topic.

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