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This is for advertisements of items, characters, and searching for items for sale. Those looking to buy or sell items are encouraged to use the built-in auction system instead, which is custom-built for this purpose and has several advantages over a generic forum: CB auctions are scam-proof, searchable, and offer email alerts for buyers interested in specific items. It's also generally cheaper, since there are no additional transfer fees.

If you choose to start a new thread here anyway (either because what you have to say isn't easily translated into an auction, or because you just feel like posting the items you want to sell), you will be automatically assessed a fee of $2,000. Posting in another forum to dodge the fee will result in a fine of $25,000. You may post addenda or otherwise "bump" your post, but each reply will also cost $2,000. (Only the thread creator may reply to his posts; it proved contentious to allow others to post potentially off-topic material as well.)

Duplicate threads and threads designed to flood/spam the forum will be removed with an optional appropriate fine.

FS/WTB threads are deleted after six months.

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