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Recent Transfers
FromIP ToWhatWhen
auctioneer (auctioneer)Mama Bear (Duck Season)$secret (outbid 150784)Aug 27
giftedmadness (Scuz) (auctioneer)$secret (bid 150784)Aug 27
giftedmadness (Scuz) (auctioneer)$secret (begin auction 150807)Aug 27
Gary Oak (Gary Oak)auctioneer (auctioneer)$secret (bid-increase 150803)Aug 27
Lxy (1010) (auctioneer)$secret (begin auction 150806)Aug 27
Achertontus (For Safekeeping) (auctioneer)$secret (begin auction 150805)Aug 27
Atomicboy (Drop City) (Atomicboy)$200085Aug 27
Atomicboy (Atomicboy) Bear (Duck Season)A Shield of Capacity ($75156) -- EnjoyAug 27
Atomicboy (Atomicboy) Bear (Duck Season)A Mithril Shield ($7818) -- EnjoyAug 27
Gary Oak (Gary Oak)auctioneer (auctioneer)$secret (bid-increase 150803)Aug 27
enderomega (Nina) (Th3 Doctor)A Katana ($149066)Aug 27
th3Doctor (Th3 Doctor)enderomega (Nina)end loan of A KatanaAug 27
Gary Oak (Gary Oak) (auctioneer)$secret (bid 150803)Aug 27
Mama Bear (Duck Season) (Drop City)$200000 -- For SoC, MSAug 27
Mama Bear (Duck Season) (GIS Storage)$326500 -- For CoI, TG's, BoFAug 27
enderomega (Nina) (Th3 Doctor)loan A Katana ($106596)Aug 27