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Recent Transfers
FromIP ToWhatWhen
Wasp (Canada) (blacksmith)$13972:20 AM EDT
Wasp (Canada) (blacksmith)$27942:20 AM EDT
Wasp (Canada) (blacksmith)$13972:19 AM EDT
[Quoth]The Raven (Tayschrenn) (blacksmith)$315012:31 AM EDT
Kefeck (MadLife)Indefatiguable (Unlimited Energy)An Elven Long Bow [6x1] (+0) (end-auction 149964)12:09 AM EDT
auctioneer (auctioneer)Kefeck (MadLife)$secret (end-auction 149964)12:09 AM EDT
Indefatiguable (Unlimited Energy) (auctioneer)$secret (bid 149964)12:09 AM EDT
[Quoth]The Raven (Tayschrenn) (blacksmith)$2765Apr 16
[Quoth]The Raven (Tayschrenn) (blacksmith)$2397Apr 16
auctioneer (auctioneer)bohab (Apathy Applied)$secret (outbid 149965)Apr 16
Underage Drinking (db) (auctioneer)$secret (bid 149965)Apr 16
Underage Drinking (db) (auctioneer)$secret (bid 149960)Apr 16
bohab (Apathy Applied) (auctioneer)$secret (bid 149965)Apr 16
xXHawkXx (elbalrog) (blacksmith)$1173Apr 16
xXHawkXx (elbalrog) (blacksmith)$1173Apr 16
xXHawkXx (elbalrog) (blacksmith)$1173Apr 16
xXHawkXx (elbalrog) (blacksmith)$1173Apr 16
Kefeck (MadLife) (auctioneer)$secret (begin auction 149964)Apr 16
Kefeck (MadLife) (auctioneer)$secret (begin auction 149963)Apr 16
Kefeck (MadLife) (auctioneer)$secret (begin auction 149962)Apr 16
Kefeck (MadLife) (auctioneer)$secret (begin auction 149961)Apr 16
auctioneer (auctioneer)auctioneer (auctioneer)$secret (end-auction 149953)Apr 16
auctioneer (auctioneer)Indefatiguable (Unlimited Energy)$secret (auction-overage 149953)Apr 16
auctioneer (auctioneer)Indefatiguable (Unlimited Energy)An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+5) (end-auction 149953)Apr 16