A Poem to CB

A poem to CB


You used to mean so much

To so many

How much do you mean now?

I don't pretend to speak for everyone

Or anyone but myself

Though I wouldn't doubt others

Feel the same lack of soul as I

All supporters of this CB

Good for you

I'm not trying to change what you think

Just to make you think a little more

This may be simple rantings

Of an old man refusing change

I saw these old posts as that as well

I once thought these changes were at the bottom line good

Not all beneficial

Not all damaging

But simply a net positive change

To the "problems" of CB1

I was disappointed in the removal

Of CB1

But I do not blame Jon, and would've done

The same

To the idea that CB1 was a tight-knit community

And the vets "whining" CB2 will never be the same

To the CB2 vets simply yelling

"Make this CB just as good as that one"

It will never be the same

The people will not be the same

The people arn't the same

So to make this as good as CB1 is impossible

I do not dispute that there were gameplay flaws

In my beloved CB1

But can any of you say

There are none in CB2?

People were too high for anyone to ever catch up

Ranged weapons were doing ludicrous damage

But for some people

The gameplay was a minor aspect of the game

That is a ludicrous statement

But for some reason

It seems to make perfect sense

To me

Now remember, this is not to promote an argument

Nor to disrespect Jon nor CB2

These are simply my thoughts

Ignore them if they offend you

I won't be returning to CB2 again

And most won't care

But why not?

Why won't anyone care?

We have the NUB in place to retain new players

So why don't we care whether or not

A new player comes to CB2?

Or that a veteran loses his CB soul?

In CB1 we would welcome into our fold

Anyone who truely wished to care

But if that new account that started today never comes back

Who will care?

I only ask of this

Think about your CB

Think about what you want it to be

And fight for what you believe in

Does any of this make sense?

Probably not

But it does to me, and I will add this to the wiki

For all to see, unless it is truely unwanted

As for the wall of rememberance

I leave it to whomever here feels

Truely knew me best

For to write my own would be hypocritical

Good night CB

Good night Jon

Good night the souls

That still manage to care

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