Black Market

The Black Market is where you can vote for a specific item that you wish to be put in the auctions.

Only people who have voted on the item may bid on it in the auction.

Supporters and/or players who have been members of a standard clan for at least 1 week used to receive 1 vote per week. Since May of 2012 the frequency of the vote has been changed to 1 day instead of 1 per week, a theoretical seven-fold increase ( ).

 Note: You can express a new vote only after 24 hours and 1 minute have passed since your previous vote.

On the General Forum you can find the Black Market Voting Guide (BMVG), that gives advice on what to vote each week. Mainly, people post in the thread which item they would like to have spawned via black market after the current item is spawned. The item with the most amount of votes in the thread are usually which item people should vote for in the actual black market after the current item is spawned (usually the next week, but some of the harder to spawn items may take more than one week of voting). All of this is just so that items are spawned more quickly.

Items that spawn via the Black Market are in auctions with no min bid and no Buy Now. Only players who voted for the item or one of the same type (e.g., Katana) that was auctioned in the past 2 weeks may bid on Black Market auctions. Black market auctions used to have a 5 day duration, but have been reduced to 2 days since May 2012.

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