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User Run Websites

This is a website created and run by NS. It is meant as a place to view helpful tidbits about CB, a meeting place for the CB players when the server is down (and to get updates about when it will be back up) and it used to have the handy function of being able to create theoretical characters, which was very nice and I hope will be re-incorporated in the future!


The Script

**This is no longer relevant, as the script does not work anymore.**

This page is for useful tools, scripts (no automated clicking!), programs, and other useful resources related to CB. The following website and script were designed by Verifex [1].

To use the script you will need to use Firefox 2.0+ and install the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. Follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install Firefox from here (http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/).
  2. Open Firefox and go here (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/748/) and click Install to get Greasemonkey.
  3. Restart Firefox. Afterwards, there should be a monkey face in the bottom right corner.
  4. In Firefox, go here (http://www.defhoboz.biz/misccb2enhancements.user.js) and click Install when the prompt pops up.
  5. Refresh the CB sidebar page (Right click in sidebar > This frame > Reload frame).
  6. Congratulations you've successfully installed the script! You should see a new "Menu" on the sidebar.

Proceed with caution in editing the Greasemonkey script directly, as you could break it if you aren't very careful. To edit the script to change and modify forge times:

  1. In order to edit the script, you will need a editor, notepad will work fine for this, but if you want something more involved consider PSPad (http://www.pspad.com/)
  2. Right click the monkey in the corner of your Firefox browser.
  3. Select "Manage User Scripts..."
  4. Click the "Edit" button on the "Misc CB2 Enhancements" script.
  5. If you haven't already selected a Editor, a browse dialog will pop up, you want to browse to the directory where notepad is installed, or if you installed PSPad then to the directory where that is installed, and select it. (e.g. C:\Program Files\PSPad\pspad.exe)
  6. Now in your editor of choice, you want to find the part of the script that lists all the equipment, it's hard to miss as they are all named pretty clearly. (e.g. equipment['Footwear']['PairOfDisplacementBoots']=new Array("50*","9").)
  7. Now find the piece of equipment you want to modify.
  8. Change the numbers, and just the numbers to make the formula different. Here is how to tell what the numbers mean: "new Array("#1","#2")", #1 = first heat, #2 = second round of heating. The script will automatically try to calculate the necessary amount of quenches. If you ever find that there are not enough quenches, add a * to the end of the number. An example is the Displacements Boots shown above. The first cycle doesn't have enough quench steps so a * has been added to get the proper number of quench steps.
  9. After editing the file with the right numbers, and insuring that you have the right numbers and everything, save the file.
  10. Right click and refresh the sidebar (or click the new red refresh icon) and your new formula should be a part of the script.

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