The 3rd-party Fightlist program allows you to fight premade lists of clan characters, you can filter out characters you typically lose to, and you can filter out other clans as well. You can filter by PR, MPR, Score, Clan Points, Net Worth, and Money.

You can save your settings in the fightlist, and you can also fight inside of frames, which lets you click fight in one frame, and watch the results in another frame. The fightlist lets you select a specific clan to fight, or fight the top 5 clans. If you want to see the details of the characters you are fighting, just toggle on the user details, and you can see all the info right in the select box, or you can click the inspect button.

Currently, in order to access the Fightlist there is a small fee (50k) involved. The site is maintained by Verifex.

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