Carnage Blender 2, [1], the update and revised version of Carnage Blender 1, [2].

  • Carnage Blender is a text-based game, revolving around the common 'play-per-turn' system.
  • Originally founded in November 2000 by Jonathan E., Carnage Blender has undergone constant change throughout its five year history .
  • Players control 'characters' of up to four minions, then train and equip them with armor, weaponry and magic before unleashing them upon the merciless battlefields of Carnage Blender.
  • Fighting is not the only aspect of Carnage Blender; players have the chance to upgrade equipment via the Forge, or even camp the store for the rare items. The roles you can take in the Carnage Blender world are endless.

Before one begins playing Carnage Blender it is often a good idea to give the help page, [3], the Frequently Asked Questions, [4] a read though they may be a little out of date. The community page, [5], is also a good place to browse with a collection of user maintained pages and various bits of Carnage Blender information.

Every time you battle an opposing team, you either win, lose, draw (both teams die in the same round) or stalemate (no teams die after 25 rounds). You then gain money and experience from the battle; the exact amount is determined by a combination of factors. Your money can be spent buying new equipment, Battle Allocations (turns), even new minions. Weapons and armor can be bought from the weapon and armor store, respectively. Battle Allocations can be bought via the 'Manage Characters' page. In the 'Train' page you will be able to hire a new minion, as well as train EXP on existing minions.

The best aspect of Carnage Blender is the ability to experiment with new strategy and minion layout. As absurd as some may appear, sometimes a unique build will gain surprising results. So it's always a good idea to test out all the possibilities before settling on a single strategy you enjoy playing.

Most importantly, 'have fun'.

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