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  1. so you've got a rapier
  2. renting an item
  3. training unarmed combat
  4. 100k MPR and beyond

so you've got a rapier

You've won and lost a few fights, now what do you do? Hopefully you've got a single minion training the three core tank stats just about evenly. If not, get there.

1/3 Hit Points, 1/2 Strength, Max Dex is the training layout you want.

renting an item

Find a pair of Helm's Gauntlets in rentals, if you don't see a pair then make a post in FS/WTB asking for someone to put a pair in rentals.

training unarmed combat

Fight another few fights with your newly boosted str then train unarmed combat.

Your encumbrance will skyrocket. You will hit like a mac truck.

 Campy pulverized Geaft [260] (with 22 str and a pair of +13 hg that add 1 pr)

Just make sure to avoid folks training ethereal chains...

100k MPR and beyond

This method works up to about 100k mpr very effectively, at that point it's smart to move towards your permanent setup.

You can always just use the large bonus to encumbrance to equip a huge ranged weapon...

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