The Chat Challenge

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What Is It?

"Chat Challenge" is a chat contest created by SNK3R [1] on September 14, 2006. The contest's idea is a script created by SNK3R that automatically knows when someone has said a specific keyword/phrase in the chat room 'Carnage'. Once someone says the keyword, the script will immediately send a message to public chat stating who won, what the keyword was, and to ChatMail SNK3R for their prize. Prizes differ for each day (see below).

How Do I Play?

All you have to do to play is be in the chat room "Carnage" at any time of the day and talk. The best way to guess the keyword is to talk about CB-related topics such as the latest strategies to beat the top players, helping newer players out, figuring out Jon's hidden formulae, or anything else that you're interested in! The more discussion you engage in results in an increased likelihood that you may inadvertently (or maybe not!) stumble across the keyword of the day. And all you have to do is talk to win free prizes.


  • You are NOT allowed to spam chat with random CB terms/words to guess the phrase. Violators will be punished by ChatOPs, Admins, or both.
  • Do not submit words in the PM Box to SNK3R; it will not activate the phrase and spammers will likely be punished.

Additional Information

  • Each day is ranked with a difficulty of phrases ranging from pretty easy (Monday) to pretty difficult (Sunday). The more difficult the phrase, the better the prize is awarded.
  • New days/phrases spawn into the script beginning at 3:00 AM EST (server time) and last until (a) someone gets the phrase correct, or (b) the day ends and moves on to the next word.
  • Phrases can be more than one word. They are also not case-sensitive. Any other characters that are located in the phrase must be present in your chat guess. For example, if the phrase is Morgul-Hammer and you say Morgul Hammer, it will not count.
  • Acronyms will not be used. For example, the correct answer will not be DB for the phrase Displacement Boots.


The prizes and days are as follows, ranging from easy to difficult, respectively:

  • Monday: $10,000
  • Tuesday: $15,000
  • Wednesday: $20,000
  • Thursday: $25,000
  • Friday: $30,000
  • Saturday: $40,000
  • Sunday: $60,000

It is currently being discussed, but if The Chat Challenge is successful, newer and better prizes will be awarded, so come play the Chat Challenge!

Previous Winners

  • 14/9/06 (Thursday) - Thoop [2] - $25k prize
  • 15/9/06 (Friday) - Miandrital [3] - $30k prize.
  • 16/9/06 (Saturday) - Flamey [4] - $40k prize.
  • 17/9/06 (Sunday) - Nobody guessed it.
  • 18/9/06 (Monday) - Thoop [5] - $10k prize.
  • 19/9/06 (Tuesday) - OB [6] - $15k prize.
  • 20/9/06 (Wednesday) - Miandrital [7] - $20k prize.

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