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Todd was a long-time player of CB1, starting way back in the days of the beta. His Spid grew into an impressively large tank over time and, once he and Spydah merged accounts (as Todd-Spydah), becoming the dominant character in the game. He and Spydah continued to hold the top spot through clever and subtle tweaks to Spid, heavy investment of USD (usually by buying "I'm quitting" sales then reselling the items for a profit), and a truly phenomenal use of BA. (Note that Sutekh managed to briefly take the top spot in mid 2004)

Todd and Spydah were also highly adept to adapting to game changes. So much so, that it became a running joke in CB1 that change months were always to Todd's "unfair advantage".

It is generally thought in the CB community that many of the changes in CB2 (from CB1) were to ensure that no other player could dominate the way that Todd (and Spydah) did.

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